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Sunday, March 20, 2011 | posted by Stonington High School | 1 Comments

Holla! Me llamo MacKenzie, y vivo en Pawcatuck Connecticut!

So the typical day for a stonington student....hmmmm.....well durring school days..:


6:10-breakfast (Frosted Miniwheats)

6:30-pack backpack for the bus

6:42-get on the bus

7:10-arrive at school and hang out at my locker with friends until school officially starts...OR do homeowrk that i forgot the night before.....

7:30-got to my first class...tomorrow it's going to be AP Biology first with Mrs. Whitman (she's pretty awesome and has a huge boa in the back of her room named Fluffy, and two spine-y lizards named Cupcake and Muffin

8:47-go to my homebase class with Mrs. Kwan (she's really nice) and watch the announcements on the school news (BBC)

9:00-second class of the day, which tomorrow will be Spanish 4 with Senora Kennedy-who you've already met!

10:19-third class of the day which will be AP English with Mrs. Norcross, our class talks a lot, but it's a lot of fun. Right now our unit is on gender relations so I'm writing a response on her website about a famous painting called "Girl With A Pearl Earring"

11:41-XBLOCK-which is basically a lunch combined with a studyhall, so we have a lot of time to get all of our homework done and to ask teachers for help if we need it.

12:36-last class of the day, which tomorrow will be P.E (gym) and I will probably have the mile run soon (I'm not a good runner so that's gonna be really difficult!)

2:00-get on the bus to go home (and usually fall asleep on the bus as well)

2:35-get home and start homework!

5:30-dinner with my family, my little brother and I tell jokes at the table and my parents cook random stuff (everything from Jumbalia to Stir-Fry to Tacos!)

6:00-drive back to school (since I just got my learner's permit I can drive there if one of my parents is with me, so since I'm learning they are afraid I'll accidentally crash.....but I won't! :)) anyway, I drive back to school to go to Drama Club, which is doing the musical Carousel and since I'm the stage manager I have to be there to make sure everything goes well.

9:30-drive back home from school cuz Drama practice has ended

9:45-start any remaining homework/any drama stuff I need to finish

Bedtime is anywhere from 11pm-4am

Sometimes I go to karate class instead of Drama, but since it's only 2 weeks until the musical I'm at drama more often than karate. So that's basically my weekday, and on weekends I spend my time either working at drama, doing homework/chores/college searching or hanging out with friends or my boyfriend. It's busy, but fun, because I get to meet a lot of people. I don't have any updated picture of myself, but the one above is kinda me... Anyway, that's our everyday life here in Pawcatuck. We are normal kids; we like to tell jokes and hang out together and play ball in the yard when we get a chance. What games to you guys play? Do you play basketball's knock-out or HORSE? My brother, a friend and I were all playing HORSE yesterday and each of us won at least once!


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Blogger Stonington High School said...

Hola me llamo Jon y yo vive en Pawcatuck CT. Yo voy a Stonington high school. En la escuela yo juge deportes basquetbol, golf, y yo pase en balco. Me gusta stonington mucho porque los personas es bonito. En me escuela yo estudio matimaticas, ingles, espanol, y historia. despues de la escuela yo voy a trabajo o yo visito mi amigos an su casa. Despues de mi amigos casa o trabajo yo voy a mi casa y yo comi la cena. Mi madre es una chef y hace muy bueno comer. despues de cena yo vi mucho deportas. Yo vi March madness es basquetbol. Mi equipo favorito es UCONN y la persona en la equipo es kimba walker. Y despues de yo voy a dormir.

Hello my name is Jon and I live in Pawcatuck CT. I'm going to Stonington High School. At school I juge basketball sports, golf, and I sail. Stonington lot because I like the people is nice. In my school I study mathimatics, English, Spanish, and history. After school I go to work or an I visit my friends home. After my friends house or work I go to my house and I ate dinner. My mother is a chef and very good to eat. after dinner I saw a lot of sports. I watched March Madness basketball. My favorite team is UCONN and the person on the team is kimba walker. And after I go to sleep.

March 21, 2011 at 8:24 AM  

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