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Friday, March 18, 2011 | posted by Beverley Manor Middle School | 0 Comments

Hello Thailand and Honduras!

We want to share with you our daily schedule. Since we live in Virginia, we're on Eastern Standard Time. We're three hours ahead of L.A.

The biggest thing we've noticed since the time change last week is that it's lighter later in the evening which means we can play outside more. It is taking a long time to get used to getting up in the dark again, though.

So here's a normal day for us:

6:00am: Get up and get ready for school (shower, dry hair, eat breakfast)
7:00am: Get on the bus to get to school
8:00am: Arrive at school
8:30-12:00: Fun classes and our first "core" class.
12:00-12:30: Lunch
12:30-2:45: "Core" classes--Language Arts (reading, writing, spelling), Math, Civics (how our government works), and science
2:45-3:00: Wait for buses to take us home or to sports practices
3:00-6:00: If we play sports that's when we practice. Right now kids are playing baseball, softball, soccer, and running track. After practice, we go home and eat dinner and go to bed!

If we don't play sports, our afternoon and evening looks like this:

3:00-4:00: Travel home on the bus
4:00-5:00: play video games, listen to music
5:00-6:00: eat dinner
6:00-until bedtime: watch television, play video games.

Some kids go to sleep around 9:00, some kids stay up as late as midnight or 1am. We don't get a lot of homework at school so we rarely do anything school-related in the evenings.

To the kids in Thailand: Have a great school holiday! It's getting warm for us which means it's really hard to sit in classes! We don't get our break until June.

Our school year goes like this:
End of August-December: School with just a few days off for Thanksgiving in November and teacher workdays.
December 20-January 3: Those are approximate dates, but we usually get two weeks off for Christmas to play in the snow and visit family.
January-June: School. We'll get two days off around Easter for "Spring Break" but not much unless we get out of school because of snow. Last week we missed ten days. This year we've only missed five.
June-August: Summer break. This is when we go hiking, go to the beach and go on family vacations.

The school year was set up a long time ago when kids had to farm with their families. They would be let off during the summer to work in the fields. Some schools go year-round and have a month off here and there like you do, but for most of us we go to school August-June with two and a half months off.

Bye for now!

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