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Honduras: What do you eat?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011 | posted by Edward Branagan | 1 Comments

This is what Gendy from Villa Soleada, Honduras ate for lunch.

Frijoles rojos




Juntos: Arroz, frijoles rojos, plantanos, y huevos


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Blogger Stonington High School said...

Hola! Me llamo Gabby. Esta mañana comí cereales y tostadas para el desayuno. Normalmente yo no como mucho en la mañana, a veces sólo un panecillo. En la escuela a las que sirven el desayuno y el almuerzo para los estudiantes que quieran comprarlo. La escuela servesa amplia variedad de alimentos. Tienen de todo, desde magdalenas de chocolate con frutas frescas para el desayuno. Y para el almuerzo los estudiantes pueden elegir entre pasta con salsa de carne, una barra de ensaladas, pizzas, pollo y muchos otros. El menú modificaciones a diario.

All of the students and teachers go home for dinner. Often, I have to eat dinner quickly in between sports practices. For dinner, my mother usually brings me bread, a vegetable like corn or broccoli, and pasta or a meat like pork or steak. On special occasions, like thanksgiving or christmas, my entire family will get together for a huge meal. My grandmother cooks enough food for an army. A lot of it is greek because of my background, but similar to most we eat turkey, beef, potatoes, rice, bread, asparagus, and many others. These are my favorite meals because the food is so good and there is so much to eat. We all take a little bit of everything home after the meal and finish it during the following week.

March 21, 2011 at 8:19 AM  

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