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Huay Pung Mai, Thailand: Food

Tuesday, March 15, 2011 | posted by Garrett | 0 Comments

Great posts! Thank you for sharing the pictures of your cafeteria and information on what you eat in your communities.

Below I will answer some of the questions asked by the students from Virginia.

At Huay Pung Mai, Thailand, there are about 350 students from Kindergarten to 12th grade. About 120 students sleep in a dormitory at the school. Because students normally help cook meals at home, they are used to cooking and can cook for themselves. For breakfast, a group of girl students will prepare the food for the students who sleep at the school.

For lunch, a cook prepares the food in a giant pot in the cafeteria for the 350 students. The teachers serve the food to the students.

For dinner, a group of female students who sleep at the school prepare dinner for all of the boarding students just like for breakfast. During dinner, there is always a teacher present to supervise the cooking and eating, but the students are able to do all of the work on their own.

Students who sleep at home eat breakfast and dinner at home with their families. Like some American students who bring their own food to lunch at school, many of the Thai students bring their own rice to school. The school provides rice for each meal, but many students like the rice their family eats better than the school rice!

In Thailand, "khanoms" or candies/sweets are very popular. There are many different types. Some are homemade and can be similar to brownies. There are many that come in packages similar to chips, cookies, or crackers. When "khanoms" are purchased they are shared with everyone around and only a small amount is eaten.

There are many special occasions in Thailand which will be discussed in more detail later. Many of the same foods are eaten at special occasions and regular meals. The main difference is that more meat is eaten at special occasions. Meat is expensive and not always eaten because there is limited area to raise large animals high in the mountains. For regular meals chicken and pork are the most common meats. For holidays and celebrations, buffalo and pork are the main meats and a lot of meat is eaten. A difference at special occasions is that more special meats like organs (liver, intestine, heart) are eaten!

For desserts, many types of fruit are eaten like oranges, watermelon, mangoes, and jackfruit!

Thank you again for sharing what you eat with the Virtual Playground!

(The picture is pig intestines drying which will later be used to make sausage. When an animal is butchered, almost every part of the animal is used for food.)


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