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Lesson 3: Daily Schedule at Huay Pung Mai

Wednesday, March 16, 2011 | posted by Garrett | 0 Comments

Huay Pung Mai, Thailand, is 12 time zones ahead of Central time in the United States. That means that when it is 10am in Chicago, Illinois, then it is 10pm at Huay Pung Mai. Because of Daylight Savings Time, this just changed last weekend. Thailand does not use Daylight Savings Time. Before time changed in America last weekend, the time difference from Huay Pung Mai to Chicago was 13 hours. When it was 10am in Chicago, it was 11pm at Huay Pung Mai.

Have you ever experienced different time zones?

What time does the sun rise and set in your country? Does the time ever change? In Thailand, the sun rises around 6:30am and sets around 6:30pm and these times only change by a few minutes during the entire year.

The daily schedule at Huay Pung Mai is usually the same each day during the week.

5am-6am: Students wake up

6am-7am: Students prepare for school, eat breakfast, and do chores like feeding the chickens, cleaning the school grounds or watering the garden

8am: The bell rings and students line up in their classes (grades). The national anthem and a song for the king is sung. Each class (grade) greets the older and younger classes. Then a teacher will make announcements for the day

8:30am-12pm: Students attend classes

12pm-1pm: Students have lunch and free time

1pm-4pm: Students attend afternoon classes

4:30pm: The bell rings again, students sing a song to the king, closing announcements from a teacher, and then the students are released

4:30pm-7pm: Students who live close to the school go home or play around the school. Students who sleep at the school do more chores, prepare dinner, and play games like soccer

7pm: Students who sleep at the school eat dinner

8pm-10pm: Students do homework and hang out then go to bed

Is this schedule similar or different than your schedule? If so, how?

The school year is divided into two terms. The first term is from mid-May until September 30. The students have the month of October free. Many students spend the month helping their families harvest rice and other vegetables. What do you do during your vacation time?

The second term starts November 1 but oftentimes many students do not come until November 7 because they are still finishing the rice harvest. The second term lasts from November 1 until the middle of March.

If you look at a calendar, you will realize that this week is the end of the school year for most Thai children! Student will have about a two month summer break from mid-March until mid-May!

Is this similar to or different from your school year? If your school year is different, how and why? Why do you have vacation time when you do? In Thailand the vacation time is because of the rainy season and rice harvest (October) and because of the very hot season (March-May).


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