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Week 4: How do you play?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011 | posted by Garrett | 0 Comments

Huay Pung Mai, Thailand

At Huay Pung Mai, Thailand, children play numerous games. Because of the lack of resources, children use their creativity to create new games or use simple objects like a string and a shoe to play a game.

For example, two students will hold a string like a limbo stick and other children will try to run and jump over the parallel string. Younger children will play dodge ball and tag. Sometimes the children use flip flop sandals to throw at each other during tag.

Other common games are playing jacks with sticks and stones and playing rock papers scissors. Most of the tables where students spend time have checker boards drawn on them.

Soccer (called football here) is the most popular sport. Boys will play soccer almost every day and many girls will play volleyball. Sometimes the boys will play "futsol" which is like soccer but played on cement with a smaller, harder ball and smaller goals. At some schools, students even play badminton.

Muay Thai boxing is also a very popular sport in Thailand but only a small number of boys actually fight.

Another very popular Thai sport is called "takro." Takro is very similar to volleyball but you use every part of your body except your hands!

Hmong boys play a game called "lukah." You can see some photos of the children playing this game. One boy will spin his wooden top with his stick and string. Another boy will stand a certain distance away and use his string and stick to throw his wooden top at the spinning wooden top. The goal is to hit the spinning wooden top. If you do this, then you are able to be the spinner.

Check out the video of takro, lukah, and other games at Huay Pung Mai.

Every child in the world plays. How do you play? What do you play? What types of things do you use when you play? With whom do you play? Where do you play? And when do you play? Does what you play depend on the time of year?


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