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Stonington, CT, USA (Stonington High School)

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My name is Claire and I live in Stonington, CT which is located in the Northeast corner of the United States. I am a senior at Stonington High School this year and will be going off to college in the fall. Right now, our winter season is about to end. The weather is rainy, and the temperature is chilly. I am excited for spring because it gets very warm and sunny, and I can play lacrosse. Lacrosse is a sport where you have a stick with a net at the end of it, and you have a small rubber ball that you try to throw into the other team's goal. It is very fun! What kinds of sports do you play?

This is a picture of my High School in Pawcatuck, CT

This is a picture of me playing lacrosse

This is a picture of me (I am in the middle), my sister and my mom


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