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Meet Students From Huay Pung Mai, Thailand

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During the Global Playground trip through Southeast Asia in May 2011, Global Playground gave the Thailand Fellow, Ryan Drysdale, Flip cameras to videotape life in Huay Pung Mai, Thailand. In addition to receiving the Flip cameras, Ryan recently received a DVD produced by middle school students in Winterset, Iowa, USA. The video showcased their school and has been a useful tool for English lessons for his students in Thailand. After watching the video, Mo. 6 students (equivalent of seniors in high school) were given the Flip cameras to introduce themselves to the world. This is what they created and the beginning of more video projects!

Life at Huay Pung Mai

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Students at Huay Pung Mai were given cameras to take pictures of their life and other events in Huay Pung Mai. All of the pictures were taken by these students. Being a student in the mountains of Thailand means more than just studying but also cooking food, chopping wood, and mixing cement by hand. Welcome to life at Huay Pung Mai, Thailand!  

100 of the 330 students at Huay Pung Mai sleep in a dorm at the school. We hang out in the dorm at night and share bunk beds. Do you sleep are your school? Would you be able to only see your family on the weekends? 

Each morning and night we use wood to cook our own food for the 100 dorm students. Do you cook at your school? 

This is vegetables and meat balls. We love spicy food.  

Sometimes the boys help cook. 

Students bring fire wood from home each Sunday and the boys chop it up to burn. Do you have chores at your school?

This is our dorm at Huay Pung Mai. The bottom floor is for girls and the top floor is for boys. We are all Karen (ethnic group).

After school we play soccer but we call it football. Our school is in the background. What do you play at your school? 

We live in the mountains of northwest Thailand. 

At night, we hang out in the dorm. The boy on the right is wearing a traditional woven Karen shirt.

Here are some of the senior girls at Huay Pung Mai. Do you wear uniforms too?

Students help do lots of work at the school. Here they are tiling the floor of the canteen.

We do lots of different work to help our school. Here we make cement by hand.